17 Mei 2008

Visit - West Kalimantan

Equator Monument
Equator Monument. A five kilometers north of Pontianak city is the precise spot at which the equator bisects the earth. Explore an astronomi cal experiences of the phenomena for a period of only 5-10 minutes twice a year.

Pasir Panjang
Pasir Panjang. 17 km from Singkawang in the Sambas regency, is the beach resort of Pasir Panjang, ideal for swimming and tennis. Comfortable cottages are available. In the vicinity of Singkawang, the Gunung Poteng Hill Resort is a good place for nature lovers.

Selimpah Beach
Selimpah Beach is a camping area on the beach where among February until May, many turtles lay their eggs there. It is 305 Km from Pontianak city or 80 Km from Sambas.

Palung National Park
Palung National Park. The Gunung Palung National Park, located in the Ketapang regency covers over 90,000 sq km, is home to an incredible array of flora and fauna. Hot springs, lakes and caves are among the many special features here. The park can be reached by plane or express boat from Pontianak to Ketapang or to Telok Melano and proceed by minibus for 2 hours drive or by kandong (traditional boat) for 6 hours.

Karimata Island
Karimata Island. A spectacular marine nature reserve 100 kilometers east of Ketapang and covering an area of 77,000 square kilometers, the island is home to many species of turtlrs and dugongs. The Regional airport Rahadi Usman and sea port make it an important link to the rest of Kalimantan. Accommodation ranging from moderate hotels including restaurants is available.

Kapuas Hulu
Kapuas Hulu, a mega diversity eco-tourism with its huge lagoon amongst the regions in entire Borneo. Covers numerous sites of interest in Betung Kerihun National Park such as botanical inclined, animal lovers, ritual ceremonies by the Dayaks, local music and art, handicraft in the making, Daily life of local communities, Trekking into the jungle, Braving the Rapids, Exploring the caves, adventure – Journey into the Heart of Borneo West. more

Kendawangan Nature Reserve
Kendawangan Nature Reserve is enriched with an ecosystem comprising lowland fo¬rest, coastal forest, mangrove forest, swamp forest and peat forest. Covering an area of 150,000 square kilometers, this reserve is also home to sea turtle.

Menager Multi-Level Waterfall
Menager Multi-Level Waterfall, cascade down in seven stages over a vast area, surrounded by pristine rainforest, caves Barema – Dayak worship site, rapid stream calm pools of water invite young and old alike to soak in their tranquil depths, this unique waterfall to create a breathtaking spectacle for all to enjoy. Complementing this natural wonder are the ringing calls of birds as they echo from the trees. more

Baning Nature Reserve
Baning Nature Reserve. This nature reserve provides a beauty panorama for locals alike as its location is right in the heart of Sintang city. Baning National Park is easily accessible for visitors and residents alike. With its unique ecosystem, virgin tropical rainforest and breathtaking panoramic view a quiet oasis. Many varieties of orchids and Kantong Semar flowers create the setting for a beautiful nature walk. For those who love adventure, Nokanayan and Jegonoi waterfalls with its crisscross canal of the river Nokanayan making a perfect apot for visitors world wide. Detail information for the adventurous lovers are kindly advised to meet the Unit office in Sintang.

The Hidden Paradise in The Heart of Borneo
The Hidden Paradise in The Heart of Borneo. The beauty of nature, a tropical ca¬nyon, lush jungle, fill with rapids and various flora and fauna. With a view of the Schwaner mountains. Come to NOKAN NAYAN where hidden paradise is waiting for you, in the heart of Borneo. There two amazing waterfalls, Nokanayan and Nokan Jengonoi both have a heigh of more than 200 meters hight with more than 50 meter width. With cantons and beauty virgin surrounding.

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